woensdag 20 augustus 2014


I am back from my super Tour de France roadtrip were I saw beaches, lakes, mountains, hills, valeys, caves, churches, castles, art, architecture, beautiful villages, cool cities and even more. Made hikes, bikerides, climbed mountains, visited musea, ate some great and some less great food and drove a lot. France has literally everything and we haven't even been to Paris.. Got to love that country! I am kind of glad not to be sleeping in a tent anymore though, it is nice being back in nature and all but after 3 weeks I am happy to have some more space. Still I love this freedom of traveling around and not being attached to anything.
On the pictures my two favorite places: Massif Central and Lyon.

Best driving music appeared to be The Dandy Warhols.

dinsdag 29 juli 2014

Sweets II

There he is again, my little H&M straw hat. I own more hats, but this one just seems to go with everything. And a song added again, because I can't wait to go on my holiday! Which will be a little less exotic than usual, but still cool! We are going on a roadtrip in Europe: we will drive to France with a little tent and from there we'll see where the car takes us. No plan, ultimate freedom.

Monki skirt, Daisy Kroon (Rotterdam based designer) top, Reality Studio's shoes
Moroccan jewelry (earrings and bracelet), H&M hat and sunglasses.

donderdag 24 juli 2014

Summer in the city

Happy times! Hot weather arrived and did not go away whoep! Which I was enjoying, so hence the lack of blogpost, sorry!
I am loving this T-shirt, it is from Spell and the gypsy collective, which is a free spirit brand I am a big fan of. To bad it ships all the way from Australia, but I am glad I am finaly owning a piece.

Spell Design Indian Summer T-shirt, Mango shorts, Ash sandals, H&M hat
Jewellery: from Morocco, Fashionology and local mystic shop (the crystal should do some good things for my inner balans)

zaterdag 5 juli 2014

Lots of embroidery

Lots of embroidery, a practical bag and a bit of my least favorite color: pink. I would never wear pink on its own, the color is just not tough enough for me. But because of its brightness I really like it in detailing and I also think it quite cool as a haircolor.
The pictures in the past few post are made with my new camera, woe, it was a birthdaypresent from my sweet sweet boyfriend! But we are still pretty much figering out how the thing works... So the quality of the pictures will get better soon I promise!

Urban Outfitters top, Maison Scotch shorts, Ash Sandals, Bijenkorf bag